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Ana, the founder of BMyParty, recently made a Masterclass and was looking for personalized media coverage. This meant creating social media stories on the same day, crafting a thoughtfully curated photo gallery, and producing a one-minute video to convey the delightful atmosphere of the day.

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Event Media Coverage

The scene is set, let's capture its essence

Magia dos Detalhes brings enchanting photo and party scenarios to life. Meticulously designed, each setting infused magic and attention to detail. Through the lens, I try and capture every nuance, creating a harmonious blend of artistic vision and craftsmanship. All the photos and video are then meticulously curate to share the magic with a wider audience on social media.

(Gallery coming soon, in the mean time, explore their instagram page)

Restaurant Social Media

Capturing Freshness 🥦

When tasked with capturing the freshness of Lémoni’s ingredients, I opted for an approach that mirrored the restaurant’s authenticity. I wanted my photos to be as casual and real as possible, allowing the vibrant colors and textures of the ingredients to speak for themselves. The result? An intimate visual journey through the very essence of farm-to-table dining.

(Gallery coming soon,  in the mean time, explore their instagram page)

Instagram Filters

Is it a Instagram filter you're looking for?

These days it’s all about social media. For La Fresca’s Carnaval party I created two Instagram filters to be used by the party attendants.

AR Filters: La Fresca Carnaval

Continuous Feed & Video

Feel Like Dancing?

La Fresca, a party set in some of Madrid’s most exclusive locations needed a Instagram up to their fame: from social media posts, continuous feed design and videos for ads, they got it all

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A20’s Crossfit Beat the Coaches

Crossfit Louvre III media shooting

Kevin Crossfit Media Shooting

David Queiroz Crossfit Media Shooting

Media coverage BMyParty Masterclass

Media Coverage Ultimate Fitness Games 2023

Ihr und Jetzt Branding and UI

Social Media for Studio Opening – Filipa Campos PT
Client: Filipa Campos Personal Trainer
Date: 2023
Services: Video and photography

A20s Box Crossfit at Marco Fitness Festival 2023
Client: A20's Crossfit
Date: September 3, 2023
Services: Photo

IronHawk box social media videos

Infante Fitness 2023 Crossfit Open workouts
2023 Crossfit Open workouts Infante Fitness - Blackphant
Client: Infante Fitness
Website: instagram.com
Date: 2023
Services: Video & Photography

FFDT Digital Hub

A digital hub that takes visitors on a journey towards awareness, understanding and appreciation of food, farming and the countryside.

Client: FFDT & Motivait
Date: 2021
Services: User interface Design and illustration
Working at: Motivait

A20’s Crossfit social media

I took over A20’s Crossfit social media. Crossfit is all about community – So, in November, A20’s Crossfit celebrated with everyone with a competition.

Client: A20'S Crossfit
Date: 2022
Services: Video Editing and Video Recording

La Fresca Social Content

Saturday, sun and music. La Fresca is the party that keeps Madrid’s weekends fresh.

Client: La Fresca La fiesta
Services: Graphic Design, Social Media Content, Video
Agency: Bipolar Artist

YAP campaign videos

YAP is UAE’s most innovative digital banking app that encourages healthy spending habits. YAP trusted Bipolar Artist expertise with the pre-launch campaign.

Client: YAP
Website: yap.com
Date: November, 2020
Services: Animation, Motion graphics

AR Filters: La Fresca Carnaval

A vibrant and interactive social media campaign for La Fresca Carnaval Animal. In today’s world, social media campaigns are all about engaging with participants, and that’s exactly what I achieved with this project.

To bring this campaign to life, I adapted the colourful branding of La Fresca Carnaval Animal to create two playful filters. The first filter blends with your face, creating a mask effect that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the festivities. The second filter features falling animals, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to party videos.

To create these dynamic filters, I used Spark AR and Illustrator. The result is a visually stunning and interactive campaign that perfectly captures the playful spirit of La Fresca Carnaval Animal.

Overall, we were thrilled with the outcome of this project as it was a valuable asset during the La Fresca Carnaval Animal party that engaged with their audience and created unforgettable experiences.

Client: La Fresca La Fiesta
Date: 2020
Services: AR Filter, Illustration


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