CrossFit Open 2024 workouts on A20’s Box Crossfit


CrossFit Open 2024 workouts on A20’s Box Crossfit

On this project you can find three high-energy videos I created for CrossFit Open 2024 workouts for A20’s Box CrossFit social media account. These videos capture the excitement and camaraderie of the 2024 Open Wods.

Each video showcases the spirit of the A20’s Box CrossFit community and the hard work and dedication that goes into every workout. Through dynamic footage and engaging storytelling, viewers get a taste of the intense CrossFit Open 2024 workouts and the infectious energy of the A20’s Box CrossFit family.

I focused on highlighting the unique aspects of the A20’s community and their commitment to fitness and teamwork. From the uplifting music to the expertly edited footage, each video captures the passion and drive of the gym’s members.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the outcome of this project and I believe these videos will be a valuable asset to A20’s Box CrossFit as they continue to build their social media presence and showcase their community spirit.

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