Social Media for Studio Opening – Filipa Campos PT

Client: Filipa Campos Personal Trainer
Date: 2023
Services: Video and photography


Social Media for Studio Opening – Filipa Campos PT

I was challenged by Filipa to create Social Media for Studio Opening. Capturing the essence of Filipa Campos Personal Trainer’s studio opening was a fantastic endeavor, combining both photography and videography to encapsulate the energy and excitement of this milestone. Amongst an intimate gathering of friends, family, and enthusiastic students, we were there to document this memorable occasion. As everyone enjoyed snacks and shared in the celebration, the atmosphere was filled with unwavering support for Filipa’s new venture.

Filipa’s enthusiasm for sharing her fitness vision with her members was palpable throughout the event. The combination of photos and videos allowed us to showcase not only the physical space of the studio but also the genuine connection between Filipa and her community. Her commitment to their well-being and her dedication to her craft were evident in every frame we captured. If you’re looking for a glimpse into the vibrant world of Filipa Campos Personal Trainer and her studio opening, our photography and videography work provide a vivid portrayal of this momentous occasion.

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