A20s Box Crossfit at Marco Fitness Festival 2023

Client: A20's Crossfit
Date: September 3, 2023
Services: Photo


Photos of A20’s Box Crossfit at Marco Fitness Festival 2023

I had the incredible opportunity to capture the intense moments of the A20’s Box Crossfit teams as they competed at the inaugural Marco Fitness Festival 2023. This fitness extravaganza brought together athletes from all walks of life, showcasing their dedication and strength in various competitions. Through my lens, I documented the passion and determination of these athletes as they pushed their limits to secure victory in their respective categories.

One of the standout achievements of the event was the remarkable performance of the A20’s teams. The women’s team exhibited extraordinary resilience and skill, securing a well-deserved second place in their category. Meanwhile, the men’s team dominated the competition, earning the prestigious first-place title in their division. My photographs captured the exhilarating moments of their triumphs, reflecting the true essence of the Marco Fitness Festival 2023. It was an honor to document their journey to success and be part of this remarkable event.

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