Media Coverage Ultimate Fitness Games 2023


Media Coverage of Ultimate Fitness Games 2023

Welcome to my portfolio showcasing the media coverage for Ultimate Fitness Games 2023 the premier Cross Training competition in Portugal. As a member of the dedicated Echo Sports Team, I had the privilege of capturing the energy and excitement of this incredible event.

The Ultimate Fitness Games 2023 is the epitome of Cross Training competitions in Portugal. With its exclusive focus on Teams (Fem/Masc), featuring Scaled, Elite, and Masters divisions, this event celebrates the spirit of competition and camaraderie in the fitness community. The 9th edition of this competition promised a memorable experience for all participants and spectators.

As a member of the Echo Sports Team, my role was to document the event through captivating videos and stunning photographs. I aimed to capture the heart-pounding action, the dedication of the athletes, and the electrifying atmosphere of the competition.

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