Media coverage BMyParty Masterclass


Media Coverage of BMyParty Masterclass on christmas decor

I had the privilege of doing the Media coverage of a masterclass hosted by BMyParty, a celebration powerhouse, dedicated to imparting expertise on Christmas decor and floral arrangements. The event featured a lineup of remarkable female speakers, each weaving their unique narratives into the intricate tapestry of party decor and crafts. Through the lens of my camera, I captured the essence of their stories, skillfully showcasing the artistry and creativity that unfolded during this festive masterclass.

The photographs not only freeze moments in time but also serve as a testament to the passion and dedication of these talented women who shared their insights. From the meticulous arrangement of holiday blooms to the thoughtful placement of ornaments, every frame encapsulates the expertise and festive spirit that defined the masterclass.

It was a celebration of the craft and creativity that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary celebrations.

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