Fuga Restaurant Digital Design

In 2020, that odd year, Fuga was born in Madrid. At Bipolar-artist we developed their website and social media plan. My job here was to do the User Interface design and to create facebook images and Instagram special feed.

Client: Fuga
Date: January 2020
Services: UI & Social Media Design

A Fusion Restaurant Digital Design and Social Media Plan

In 2020, Fuga, a fusion restaurant with a mix of Asian and Spanish cuisine was established in Madrid. The restaurant aims to provide a unique dining experience by blending the flavors of different cultures. To establish a strong online presence through the Digital Design, the restaurant approached Bipolar-artist to develop their website and social media plan.

As a User Interface designer at Bipolar-artist, my role was to design the website’s interface, create Facebook images, and develop a special feed for Instagram. The website’s interface was designed to be dark and highlight the photos of the food, thereby providing an immersive experience for the visitors.

The Instagram continuous feed featured dark theme showcased images of the dishes’ unique flavours. and words related to the restaurant’s philosophy, such as “siente” and “dΓ©jate llevar”.

Overall, the project was successful in establishing Fuga’s online presence and enticing visitors to experience their culinary journey.