The Art & Science of Customer Experience – Book Illustrations

The Art & Science of Customer Experience (yes! “Customer” in capital letters) is the first book to provide an extensive data-driven analysis of the factors influencing Customer behavior as well as practical guidelines to improve Customer Experience by understanding end-user psychology.

Client: Javier Cariñena (Autor) & Pablo Casals (Co-Autor)
Date: 2020
Services: Illustration and graphic design
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Design Studio: Bipolar Artist

This portfolio showcases a collection of stunning book illustrations created for “The Art & Science of Customer Experience”. These illustrations were created by combining traditional hand-drawn techniques with digital tools (Illustrator), resulting in a truly unique and eye-catching visual style.

The illustrations bring to life the extensive data-driven analysis presented in this groundbreaking book, which provides practical guidelines for improving customer experience by understanding end-user psychology. With a focus on the factors that influence customer behavior, this book is an essential resource for businesses and professionals seeking to provide exceptional customer service.

Each illustration features a consistent color palette of magenta and purple, along with a range of textures that give the artwork a tactile feel. We know that book illustrations play a critical role in enhancing the reader’s understanding of complex concepts, and we worked with the writer tirelessly to ensure that our illustrations accurately and effectively convey the book’s message.

Overall, the book illustrations for “The Art & Science of Customer Experience” demonstrate commitment to creating high-quality, impactful artwork that enhances the reader’s experience. I’m proud to have contributed to this groundbreaking book and look forward to continuing to create stunning illustrations for future projects.


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