Lomography La Sardina x Kodacolor 200

The Surprises of a Forgotten Roll on my Lomography La Sardina

Embarking on yet another adventure, I reached for the Lomography La Sardina DIY. Adorned with some leftover stickers I found at home, I went for the usual ritual of loading a fresh roll of film. To my surprise, nestled within its confines was a forgotten roll, that I had zero memory of.

I needed to know what was in there. So the mission was to take it with me for my father’s birthday and finish the roll – it wasn’t that hard, there were only 6/7 left.

Lomography La Sardina x Kodacolor 200
Lomography La Sardina x Kodacolor 200

Finished the roll with some shots of my nephew and nice – and some shots of the dog too. Took them to the shop, and on the next day: Tah-dah! Apparently this roll of film had already been to Sevilla, Tarifa (where this beautiful sunflowers were shot), Tenerife and around my hometown.

I’m in love with the colours for Kodacolor in Tenerife. The beach, sand and sunsets look great – I might have to buy some more of them. As for the camera, I think this one has some kind of problem on the shutter, I need to go check it out. But, overall, very happy with the results.

As I scrolled through the files, I couldn’t believe what I saw: a clear, non-blurry portrait, expertly snapped by my boyfriend! This absolutely never happens:

Camera wiki:
The La Sardina is a wide angle 35mm film camera issued by Lomography in June 2011[1]. The body of the camera is designed to look similar to Irwin cameras like the Kandor and Lark series of cameras. To ready the camera for use, twist the lens clockwise until it clicks. It uses a 22mm plastic lens with an aperture of f/8. There are two focusing distances 0.6m to 1m and 1m to infinity. It uses a single shutter speed of 1/100 of a second (marked as N) plus a B bulb mode. It uses a dedicated flash unit called Fritz the Blitz.

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