Hidden Gems of Estremoz: A Treasure Hunt in the Antique Flea Market

Recently, I visited the Estremoz Antique Flea Market, the biggest in Alentejo region. I explored the old market and was fascinated by the cultural richness and history.

I always travel along with my loyal Fujifilm XT4 and Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens, which allowed me to capture every detail with clarity and precision. As a result, you can find the selection below with the beauty of the antique objects, and also the vibrant atmosphere of the market. Say hi if you’d like to use the photos 🤓.

As I walked through the aisles and improvised stalls, I could feel the excitement of the treasure hunters looking for bargains. There was a wide variety of items for sale, from antique porcelain and furniture to jewellery and musical instruments.

Am I a shopaholic? Maybe, but I couldn’t leave empty handed – I bought a Murano glass cup (the margarita kind, obviously) and a painting of a cat. These golden trophies are now shinning on my living room.

If you are an antique lover or just want to dive into the past, I recommend visiting the Estremoz Antique Flea Market.