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Dog Photoshoot: Iris, my rescued dog, turned 10!

Meet Iris, my spirited canine companion who entered my life two years ago and got a dog photoshoot for her 10th birthday. Her journey hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but amidst the challenges. She has emerged as a resilient soul. Recently, Iris faced a health scare that led to surgery for a tumor, but her road to recovery is paved with wagging tails and boundless energy.

Despite her rocky past, Iris has found comfort and love in her new home, and it’s heartening to witness her strength and zest for life. To celebrate her 10th birthday, I decided to treat her to a special dog photoshoot – a silver disco extravaganza that keeps up with the festive spirit of the New Year.

Now, let me be honest; Iris isn’t exactly a fan of photoshoots. Her playful antics and free-spirited nature make it a bit challenging to capture that perfect shot. However, she seemed to sense that something extraordinary was happening – perhaps it was the silver background or the tantalizing aroma of the treats waiting for her.

Happy Birthday dear Iris ♡

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