Treasure hunt: Found My Mum’s 80’s Camera, Kodak Ektra 200

If you know me, you’d know that I’m a total sucker for cameras, especially anything retro. So, last summer, while snooping around at my folks’ place, I stumbled upon a real treasure—a Kodak Ektra 200 that used to be my mom’s go-to back in the 80’s.

Now, Mom wasn’t sure if the old thing would still work, but guess what? I had to find out! Off I went to the Lomography shop in Oporto, where I found a cute little metropolis 110 film. (Yep, it’s mini, but trust me, it’s not as hard to find as you’d think!)

With the vacations planed, I decided to take the Ektra 200 on two road trips first to Douro, and then to Évora and Cáceres. Honestly, I had zero expectations – some of the old cameras I have, had bugs inside – BUT it actually worked!

Now, the pics came out a bit overexposed, because I had no idea how to operate with it. Anyways, this old Kodak is back in action and ready for a whole new set of adventures.

So here’s to my mum’s Kodak Ektra 200, an unexpected road trip buddy! 📸✨

Camera wiki:
The Kodak Ektra 200 is among many 110 film cameras made by Kodak. It used disposable flip-flash for indoor photography, was made in (West) Germany, and was produced from 1980 to 1987.[1]

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