After Brunch Event Graphics

Social media peaces illustrated for After Brunch’s parties.

Client: After brunch
Date: 2019
Services: Illustration, graphic design and motion graphics
Made at: Bipolar artist

After Brunch, a party organising company that brings together renowned DJs and iconic places in Madrid, approached the Bipolar Artist team to create their event graphics that would captivate their audience and promote their parties.

The team designed flyers and social media posts to promote the parties. The flyers showcased the party’s theme and highlighted the featured DJ, while the social media posts generated buzz around the party and encouraged people to attend.

In addition to the flyers, we created video animations that highlighted the party’s theme and DJ’s music style. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the animations accurately represented the essence of the party.

Overall, the project was a success, and the visual content received positive feedback from the audience. Our team was pleased to have delivered quality work that helped After Brunch attract a large audience and create an enjoyable party experience for the people of Madrid.