Lomography Diana F+ Chamonix

The iconic Lomography Diana F+ camera gets some cozy Scandinavian-style woolly jumpers and ready for the cold winter in the new Chamonix Edition.

Client: Lomography
Date: Winter 2013
Services: Art Direction + Graphic Design

Limited edition Lomography Diana F+ Winter 2013

During my internship at Lomography, I had the opportunity to design a new edition of the iconic Diana F+ camera. Inspired by the cozy Scandinavian winter fashion, I created the Chamonix Edition, which features woolly jumpers but maintains its core features.

The Chamonix Edition is designed to be a perfect companion for winter photography. The camera is equipped with all the features of the classic Diana F+ camera, including interchangeable lenses, multiple exposure capabilities, and a pinhole function.

This limited edition camera is aimed at film photography enthusiasts who appreciate the special edition of retro cameras. The Chamonix Edition is ideal for capturing winter landscapes, snow-covered mountains, and cozy moments by the fire. It is a great gift for anyone who loves Film photography and appreciates the charm of vintage cameras.

In summary, the Chamonix Edition Lomography Diana F+ camera is a unique and stylish addition to the Lomography collection. With its woolly jumpers, it is ready to face the cold winter and capture unforgettable moments in style.