giffgaff 10 year community video

In 2019 giffgaff’s community celebrated 10 wonderful years. I’ve worked on the illustration and animation of the celebratory video.
And, of course, nono of this would be possible without the help of my colleague Jorge Cervantes.


MiCarePlan MiCarePlan offers clear and measurable benefits to the quality of life of those living and working in care settings because of improved working environments and reduced strain on care workers within…

Elevate yourself

Elevate yourself This project was about creating a gamified e-learning solution for a company's on-boarding. The target of this e-learning are graduate students that will start their first job at this company.…

The island

The Island Specific solution for ***** with the goal to improve the On-boarding process of their new employees. APPLICATION SCREENS TUTORIAL IMAGES PROGRESS HELP EMPLOYEE PROFILE CHAT ROOM PROJECT WIKI Goal Create…

After brunch

Social media peaces illustrated for After Brunch’s parties.

Team building Event Graphics

THE EVENT Motivait Challenge 2018 was the theme of the yearly team building at my current company. Our teams based on Madrid and Woking came together for a week of presentations, knowledge…

Ligier Group Social Media

Several video, animations, gifs and pictures made for the social media channels from the Ligier Group, targeting young audiences.

tom’s diner short movie

  TOM’S is a short film interpretation of the music “Tom’s diner” by Suzanne Vega. Pedro Chamorra | Ana Lourenço | Igor Pascoal | Diogo Silva | Luis Silva | Marco Sousa