User Interface

Rovira Web

Since 1880, the Rovira Family has been doing bathroom taps, and more specifically in the design of parts that were adapted to the everevolving bathrooms. Contemporary and functional designs have been the focus of our creations to the present day.

La Fresca Web

More than a simple party, since it’s first pool party, La Fresca has been one of the reference of the party scene in Madrid. At Bipolar-artist we develop their overall image, their website, social media plan and all the main graphics to the events.


In 2020, that odd year, Fuga was born in Madrid. At Bipolar-artist we developed their website and social media plan. My job here was to do the User Interface design and to create facebook images and Instagram special feed.


MiCarePlan MiCarePlan offers clear and measurable benefits to the quality of life of those living and working in care settings because of improved working environments and reduced strain on care workers within…

Elevate yourself

Elevate yourself This project was about creating a gamified e-learning solution for a company's on-boarding. The target of this e-learning are graduate students that will start their first job at this company.…

The island

Zebra Island was created as an immersive, gamified solution to take new employees at Zebra Technologies through essential corporate information in a fun and engaging way.

The codebreakers

The codebreakers Engagement Solution for the Software Development Area APPLICATION SCREENS ARCHITECTURE INTERACTIVE MOCKUP PROJECT WIKI Challenge Given the challenge presented by W****** K*****, to improve performance and the quality of the…

Ticket scan app

Tiqueo App User experience and user interface design for a ticket scanning app. The main goal of Tiqueo would be to give the users points by scanning their shopping tickets and then…

Women Secret App

Women’secret E-comerce App For this project we were asked to create an e-commerce app for the brand Women’Secret. On this specific project my role was mainly of User interface design. I worked…