YAP pre-launch campaign

YAP is UAE’s most innovative digital banking app that encourages healthy spending habits. YAP trusted Bipolar Artist expertise with the pre-launch campaign.

AR Filters: La Fresca Carnaval

Campaigns for events on social media are now all about interacting with the participants. For La Fresca Carnaval Animal, I’ve adapted the colourful branding to create two filters. One that blends with your face creating a mask, and the other with falling animals that make the party videos even more fun. All created with Spark AR and illustrator.

giffgaff 10 year community video

In 2019 giffgaff’s community celebrated 10 wonderful years. I’ve worked on the illustration and animation of the celebratory video.
And, of course, nono of this would be possible without the help of my colleague Jorge Cervantes.

Elevate yourself

Elevate yourself This project was about creating a gamified e-learning solution for a company's on-boarding. The target of this e-learning are graduate students that will start their first job at this company.…