Team building Event Graphics

THE EVENT Motivait Challenge 2018 was the theme of the yearly team building at my current company. Our teams based on Madrid and Woking came together for a week of presentations, knowledge…

Infographic Resumé

Your resumé is normally the first impression that you give to your (hopefully) soon-to-be company. When I started this project I was mainly worried that all the basic information could be shared in an A4 sheet — so I wouldn’t bore whoever is going to receive it. The infographics are the most simple and popular way (at least until someone sets another trend) to share your information without too much reading.

Pampero Glass

In the summer of 2011, Pampero and Magnetica Magazine made a contest to illustrate a…

Lomography Diana F+ Honey Comb

An enormous number of plants and food depend on the bees for survival and expansion. But our beloved black and yellow friends may be in serious danger. The bee population has been decreasing – “(…) things have been bad for a while” says Dr. Greg Hunt(1), and it should be all related to a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).